Monday, November 23, 2009

Gobble Gobble, Thanksgiving Time Again

Today at St Mary's we were able to explore into more skill movements. Our unit was dribbling. (This included a basketball or a soccer ball). Our group was able to work with the Pre K, and I noticed a lot of improvement on their part. They followed our instructions, and it seemed that they always knew what to do. I noticed our group applied simple cues we were taught by Mr. Yang, and Andy. LOUD VOICES, SIMPLE INSTRUCTION, and GUIDANCE. We set up hula hoops all around one corner of the gym. The boundaries were Orange cones we set up as the perimeter. The kids would start outside of the Orange cones and we could call out a color of the hula hoop, and they would go to that color and perform the intended task. We changed up the scenario each time which is crucial because the kids will catch on to the same rountine and get bored ( especially the youngsters). Towards the end of the drill we had them dribble to whatever color hula hoop they wanted and had them dribble 10 times then find another color. While they were dribbling we would yell FREEZE, then we had them put their ball down on the floor and perform a certain task such as a (hop, jump, slide ECT..) When they came back to the line to start again I told each kid to hold the ball tightly I think if I had failed to give that instruction kids would be throwing their ball everywhere, making teaching virtually impossible. Overall I thought the drill flowed smoothly and it seemed to be fun for the kids which is one of the most important things. Also they broke a sweat, they were very tired which is also very important. The goal is to stay away from that 30% of kids being obese in America.By doing "instant activies" this is step 1 of many to decrease that 30 %. Finally I had a real fun time going around and providing assistance to the kids dribbling (brought me back to my old high school days of playing basketball).

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