Monday, October 26, 2009

Where are my frisbees?

Today at Saint Mary's our group worked with organizing materials and keeping an inventory for the St Mary's PE teacher. Today I felt like I learned alot in regards to keeping myself organized. Its an aspect of teaching I feel people definitely over look. Its crucial to know where all your equipment is at all times, so you can keep your lesson going quickly and smoothly. As future educators it will be important not only to order the material but to keep track and count it as well. At the end of each class you should have the same number you started the class with. Example- going out to the field with 5 frisbees, coming in their should be 5. Be vocal and say "we need 5 frisbees in this bag before we can go back in". This allows you to be sure you have everything to use in the future. Taking care of the equipment is the most important aspect I believe. If your teaching in a lower level income area, you may only have two basketballs, but those two should be treated with responsibility and returned at the end of class. I would recommend cages, buckets and other storage products to use when you become a Physical Educator. Finally I believe today was a great experience, because that is something we will have to do in the future.

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  1. Organizing is an important part of PE as you've stated. You made some good points about making sure you have the same amount of items at the end of class and taking care of the equipment you have.

    Organizing the closets at St. Mary's also lets you see the type of equipment you can use in the future, both at St. Mary's and when you get out into teaching.

    So as you said, it may seem to be a boring task but its necessary.