Monday, October 26, 2009

Kickball in the PE hall of shame, or is it?

From about the beginning of 7th grade to the end of 8th grade my middle school PE classes consisted of either kickball, dodgeball, our fitness test and Punt, Pass, Kick. Take out the fitness test because it is mandatory , those three games are all we played. I got sick and tired of playing kickball outside every time it was nice out. I felt like there was no variety at all. But I look back and think to myself would the game be more fun if the rules were changed. I believe it would have only taken a slight twist in the game to make it more fun and enjoyable. A red light should come on when your a teacher and you say "ok guys its nice out lets go play kickball". And everyone rolls their eyes, and sighs. CHANGE IT UP. Environmental Manipulation- dont be the teacher to keep all the same rules and guidelines. So here are somethings i would do. Picking teams I would have birthdays from Jan- June on one side and July- Dec on the other side. This changes it up not the boring ok "ones on this side twos on this side. I would then introduce a new set of rules.

1. 2 outs instead of traditionally playing (3 outs)- Quicker Innings
2. A new pitcher after every out. - Involves everyone (not just your best player always as a pitcher)
3. When kicking, each time you need to switch up what foot they use. So if the teams are 7 on 7, when the first 7 are completed kicking with their right foot, change it so everyone's second ups are kicking with the left foot.
4. NO MONKEY ball- you have to touch the base for an out to occur.
5. Run Rule each inning- 5 runs then the next team is up to kick.- keeps the game flowing and it avoids one team dominating another.
6. Have other balls available in case one goes far foul so, your not just waiting around to retrieve the foul ball.
7. Each player is allowed one pass ball in regards to kicking (ex a bad pitch) after that no matter where the ball is you need to kick it.
8. 3 foul balls= an out
9. Each inning there is a position change, starting with pitcher, he then follows an order of first, second,ss, third, then the outfield. (many kids are neglected playing postions that others tell them too, each kid should play everywhere).
10. My PE teacher did this rule which was awesome, if your shoe is untied while your kicking it an automatic out or if your show flies off after making contact with the ball= automatic out.

In conclusion if we played with different rules instead of traditional kick ball rules there would be more participation and enjoyment. I came up with a quick list of 10 rules but you can do whatever you would like. Be creative and DON'T BE AFRAID TO CHANGE IT UP.

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