Thursday, October 22, 2009

Invisa Girl and the three bandits

The theme of the week of was superheros, and the two hours were filled with excitement. Our group oragnized a game called Zaniny Zoo. We created task cards that incorperated different superheros and different movement tasks.We put our task cards in a hula hoop in the middle of the gymnasium. There were 4 lines of kids (North, South, East, West) and the first child from each line would go to the hula hoop, pick up a task card and do that movement back to his or her line. The kids seemed to fully enjoy this game.I feel the theme its self was a big reason for particpation. And Evan, Amy, Tyler, and myself did a good job of demonstarting the task. We were all over the place on the ground,in the air. I was sweating profusely after this game which is good because thats what I want my PE class to be like. Finally fun was the key all the children were having a blast, because it was a new adventure everytime arrving at the hula hoop.

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  1. Jeff-

    Many times students doing our activities in this class will say that they don't enjoy them because they are "baby games" or activities designed for younger students. By demonstrating that you're willing to get down and do the activity with the kids and having fun while doing it, you are showing the kids that their first assessment of the game isn't necissarily true.

    So great job in 'selling' your activity to the kids by joining in, rather than just standing around on the outside and supervising them.